Debunking the Myth: Closing Vents Saves Energy

The Truth About Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

At Kellerman Heating & Cooling, we often encounter homeowners who believe that closing vents in unused rooms will help them save energy and reduce their heating and cooling costs. Today, we’re going to debunk this common myth and explain why it’s actually counterproductive to your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Why Closing Vents Doesn’t Work

Many people assume that by closing vents, they’re reducing the area their HVAC system needs to heat or cool. However, this logic is flawed for several reasons:

  • Increased pressure: Closing vents creates additional pressure in your ductwork, forcing your system to work harder.
  • Reduced efficiency: The extra strain on your HVAC system can actually decrease its overall efficiency.
  • Potential damage: Excessive pressure can lead to leaks in your ductwork or even damage to your HVAC unit.
  • Uneven temperature distribution: Closing vents can create hot or cold spots throughout your home.

The Proper Way to Save Energy

Instead of closing vents, consider these energy-saving alternatives:

1. Install a programmable thermostat
2. Ensure proper insulation throughout your home
3. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance
4. Use ceiling fans to improve air circulation

By understanding how your HVAC system works, you can make informed decisions that truly help you save energy and money. Trust Kellerman Heating & Cooling for all your Air Conditioning Installation and HVAC needs, and let us help you maintain a comfortable, energy-efficient home year-round.


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