Two Decades of KNA Roofing’s Spectacular Service in New York and New Jersey

What do the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, and your lovely home have in common? They’ve all had the pleasure of being under the watchful eye of our magnificent skyline- the marvelous tapestry that KNA Roofing has been nurturing for over 15 years. (Okay, we confess. Only your house fits that description)

Our Humble Beginnings

Many moons ago, our founder was once mistaken for Santa Claus as they made their daring rooftop maneuvers. But rest assured New Yorkers, there’s no reindeer, sleigh, or “ho-ho-hos” but just the same season’s spirit of cheer delivering you world-class roofing solutions.

In between dodging biting squirrels and freezing snowflakes, KNA Roofing has been the ‘super-roofer-hero’ that New York and New Jersey never knew they needed but are eternally glad to have.

Weathering the Storms Together

New York’s erratic weather is more unpredictable than the subway times. Hail, snow, rain, or good ol’ sunshine- KNA Roofing is the reliable constant under any cloud. We’ve weathered the fiercest storms, but nothing brings more satisfaction than the smiles on our clients’ faces after a job well done.

We’ve nailed roofing, and with your continuous support, we’ll continue serving up our unique blend of quality, durability, and ‘Roof-top Banter’ for many more years to come!


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