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  • Some High Springs Residents May Get Replacement Septic Tanks
    Environmental officials say every time a septic tank owner flushes, most harmful bacteria is filtered out but, a chemical known as nitrate passes through and ends up in spring water. Nitrate pollution increases the growth of toxic algae. Reports from ...

  • Bangor Daily News

  • When will El Centro septic tank problems be fixed?
    Imperial Valley Press
    It's been two long years since we last wrote to Probe asking what could be done about an overflowing septic tank at the El Centro Mobile Home Park. At that time, we were told that the city and the county were on top of things and planning to work with ...

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  • W/R REPORT: Poop tax: Officials propose fees on septic tanks
    Muncie Star Press
    The leaders of the Delaware County Health Department and county Regional Wastewater District recently proposed a fee on private backyard septic tanks, which collect, hold and filter sewage and dirty water from household toilets, sinks and garbage ...

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  • Only six septic systems left to go in Rubio, Richmond
    The Kalona News
    Seward said he was meeting with a representative of Habitat for Humanity to discuss collecting donations for the remaining property owners who were having financial difficulties in replacing their septic systems. He said the county's options and the ...